We started with a tailgater and had terrible lick with its setup and operation. The signal was weak and often times the 129 satellite just would not come in. We changed to the Wineguard Pathway X2 and will NEVER go back. This thing is awesome! We were in Florida and could not get the weather channel to stop cutting out. We bought the X2 and had it setup and running in 15 minutes. The signal was nearly double and we have had NO problems since.

What makes it better? It is larger then than the tailgater and pulls in more signal. It also spins 360 degrees in all directions. It fine tunes the signal far better than the tailgater. The X2 also has 2 receiver ports so you can run your LR and Bedroom TV's off 1 dish.

Cost is about 100 more than the tailgater.

Time savings and less agrevation PRICELESS