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    Networking with vets of your pets sake.

    Like doctors and dentists, you will need to find a vet that will take on new patients. Our vet from back home was willing to share all of our pets files and information with any vet that we checked in with looking for pet assistance.

    We have not had any trouble finding vets where we landed in Florida and Texas that were willing to help our pets. We did have to make a few calls to find a vet that was accepting new pets and most of the ones that didn't, provided additional contacts for us to reach out to.

    One thing that we found in south Texas was that Frontline is not effect on their fleas. Our little dog nearly chewed his legs off before we were able to get him some help. The vet down here told us that Frontline has not been a viable medicine for several years and gave us some immediate help with medicine that knocked the fleas down in an hour and then some long lasting topical that has been working well for 5 months now.

    We are starting to build a network of vets in our travels and will continue to work with them when we are in their area. We have found that many of these individuals are in the business because they care about animals and tend to bend over backwards to help you out.

    My suggestion would be to talk with your current vet to make sure they will respond to others in their profession to help you out during your travels.

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    I have only used a vet twice in 5 years while away from from local vet, both times had no problem with the care received or even locating a vet, both were very helpful. Never asked my local vet for any assistance while traveling, but things do happen and so far feel lucky.

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